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March 30, 2010

Sydney Update

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Wow! Two whole months since an update. I’m trying to work out what I’ve been up to. Here goes…

Back in now familiar Sydney I stayed at Chris and Amanda’s till the 16th of February. Again it was good to be back in a friendly homely place and to see Chris and Amanda. The main activity of note was the Chinese New Year festivities in Belmore Park on the weekend of the 13th. Me and Helen attended many events and dined on dim sums and other tasty world foods. The quality of entertainment in the park was variable; Impressive martial Arts and mask switching displays shared the stage with amateur community efforts while a couple of dj’s kept things going between acts. The intermittent rain didn’t dampen our spirits.

I left Chris and Amanda’s on the 16th, catching the 3hr train up to Metford NSW to see my cousin’s Michelle and Craig and their
kids, Rebecca and Jack. It was really nice to be with family for the week. On the first night we went out for an absolute cracker of a buffet at the local bowling club. Unlike every UK bowling club I’ve seen - which are generally a postage stamp of grass shackled to a shed-like member’s club - this one had a half dozen floodlight greens, dining for hundreds, numerous bars, pokey rooms and TAB betting. I had use of a car while here so went on a couple of drives to the picturesque seaside village of Nelson’s Bay and into the distinctly un-geordie Newcastle (2nd biggest city in NSW). Michelle looked after me Craig made some tasty dinners over the week and granted me access to the beer fridge even though my presence coincided with Hibs losing 3 times and Hearts winning twice under Jim Jefferies. :-)

March was spent in something of a routine. During weekdays I dwelt at Sydney Backpacker’s Hostel near town hall; A functional hostel, centrally located with free wifi. Most of the patrons are job hunting and the rooftop area is a good place to relax. During my time there I tried hard to get a job. Numerous agencies were contacted and jobs applied to, but to no avail. My skills don’t match the contracting IT marketplace too well but there are a fair number of jobs about. I had a phone interview with Google but it wasn’t the kind of role I’d be suited to or really want to do even if it was with such a reputable employer. I was in a different 16-bed dorm each week and met a good few people including a gang of Irish, some German Aircon salesmen, american junkie, germans, scots, english, welsh and dutch.

During the weekends Helen and I stayed with Helen’s sister and husband in Epping. Olivia and Colin were very welcoming to the scottish interloper. We spent the time there boozing, babysitting, making tasty meals and watching the wire, american idol and rugby. Colin and Olivia granted me access to the beer fridge even though my presence coincided with Ireland losing to Scotland in the 6 Nations. :-)

After a sojourn to the maze hostel on the 26th-27th of March, Helen prepared to escape for a well earned trip New Zealand. But not before we managed to finish season 3 of The Wire. Thanks to Nick for randomly putting the first 3 series of the show onto my birthday-hard-drive. I settled into another new dorm in the hostel.

Oh, I also managed to find a job…

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