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July 4, 2010

Football and Milk

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On the day that we moved into our new shared house in Melbourne I started yet another new job. I had become a Milkman! Aussie Farmers employ lots of backpackers and working holiday visa casual staff. I’d met a few people around the country who said it was an ok job.

DSCFaus10 (41) (Large)

Unfortunately its a milkman job in name only and actually involves getting dropped off by a minibus in suburbia and door-knocking to get people to sign up for a grocery delivery service. After the first 2 weeks it is commission only so I thought I’d started well with three sales on my first day. It wasn’t much fun spending evenings plodding the streets in the cold and interrupting people in their homes. At least it wasn’t selling encyclopedias and I got good chat from some people but I also gained none of the famous milkman perks. The job certainly encouraged me to search for something more secure and indoor. The main benefit was the 2pm starts which worked well for the most important event in June…

World Cup 2010!
I had contemplated attempting to get to South Africa for the world cup but instead I find myself in a place so far from it that the games end up being on at silly o’clock in the morning. During the early group stages there were games at 9:30am, midnight and 4:30am with the best games generally being the 4:30am ones. One late game that we weren’t going to miss was Australia’s opening match of the tournament. There was a fan-zone set up for the game so Me, Helen, Fuss and Susie met at 3am to trudge up there avec bottles of ribena which smelled suspiciously of red wine. The crowd was relatively subdued from the start and became increasingly so as Germany stuck four past the hapless Aussies.

On the 17th of June I managed to find an escape from Milkman-ship with a 3 day temping role at Fairfax media, producers of the Herald Sun newspaper. It was nice to be back in a corporate environment and working 9-5 again. I’d ace’d the data entry and MS Office skills assessments at the recruitment company so more roles were being lined up for me too. Frankly, I’d have been as well giving up if I hadn’t done well in a test using a computer.

That Sunday was Helen’s birthday so we went out for a meal at a Gurkha restaurant in Prahran. It was quite nice but not a patch on the one’s back in Fleet and Farnborough. We also watched a god-awful copy of Shutter Island. The poor picture quality and sound almost ruined a very decent film and strong performance by Leonardo Dicaprio.

After finishing my data entry job at Fairfax I instantly got another placement, this time at the head office of supermarket giant Coles. Russell had worked there previously and lo-and-behold a day after I started Russell got a job there again, yay, lunch buddy. The role is as a promotions assistant in the pricing team and should last 3-4 months. Hopefully the money I make will allow me to travel a bit once I get chucked out of Australia at the end of my visa.

At the end of June, Bob and Jenni - friends from Fleet - arrived in Melbourne. They are traveling round the world and stopped off to say hello. We had them round for dinner and went out for drinks with them a couple of times. It was great to see them and they seem to be having a grand time on their trip so far.

IMG_3645 (Large)

After having drinks with Bob and Jenni in Fitzroy on friday night, me, Helen, Marco and Tatiana watched the Brazil v Holland game in a Brazilian bar. The atmosphere was great but the result was disappointing.

 052 (Large)

The Germany v Argentina game the next day was a cracker though. Unfortunately there are only 4 games of the world cup remaining. Why does the world cup have to end!?!

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