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May 6, 2011


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I Arrived in Mancora at 10am on the 29th of April and by 11am I was drinking beer with a group of English and Danish lads in the hostel. A good start. just as the sun was reaching full strength we decided to have a game of beach football: UK v Denmark. The orginal plan was to have a swimming break at halftime but soon it was at regular intervals as the game hotted up. The Danes had taken a 3-1 lead and had the wind in their favour but our experience (i.e. age) finally told as we won 6-4. We celebrated by diving into the ocean as the losers slumped in the sand.

That night we left our hostel, The Point, and went to Loki Hostel. The Point has a relaxed atmosphere and secluded beach while Loki is ‘’the’ party hostel of Mancora. It lived up to its name until 1:30am when inexplicably the bar shut! The party moved out into town and onto the beach until after the sun had come up. It turns out that Mancora is a popular spot on the gringo trail as I met almost a dozen people from my earlier travels there, including Jake and some lads from Buenos Aires.

The last day in April was a hangover day which is much more enjoyable with a pool, beach, sea and hammocks to enjoy.


The next day was not so good, I was in bed for most of it with a fever and aches. I managed to join the newly arrived Mia and Marie for a Thai dinner but that was about it. Bronwyn, Lisa and Jacob arrived on the 2nd. They’d been my roommates in Lima and we joined them in the evening for card games. My penultimate day in Mancora ended with dinner at the Beef house where I had an absolutely perfect slab of swordfish followed inevitably by drinking on the beach and Charlie Brown’s bar.


After breakfast on the 4th and saying goodbye to Jake, I managed to sneak a last bit of beach time. Soon I was saying a sad goodbye to Marie and Mia too and sitting on a bus back to Lima.

Mancora was a much needed change of scenery and pace from the rest of my South American trip. The water was warm, the weather great and the mosquitoes well fed. It was nice to be ferried around in tuk-tuks again. I’m also glad we stayed at the Point where we could relax if we wanted or head into town for a bit of nightlife.


Back in the capital, I went present shopping and dinner with guys from the hostel (Langoustine risotto)  before packing my bags for my first plane journey in South America. Rather than a 72 hour bus followed by a 20 hour bus, I decided to fly direct from Lima to Foz do Iguazu on the Brazil, Argentina border. I did this on the 6th of May and with a 3 hour flight time, it was definitely the correct choice.

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