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September 2, 2009

On the Road again

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At 9pm on the 31st me, Helen, Belinda and Doetie boarded our VIP government bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. It turned out to be a little more VIP than we were expecting. Each seat could recline almost horizontally and had a massage system built in. We’d eaten a huge dinner to get us through the 9hr night bus journey but that wasn’t needed. The ‘air’ hosstess came round with cartons of strawberry juice, pumpkin crisps (super tasty) and then a meal of sausage dumplings and chicken with rice. I was absolutely stuffed beforehand but there was no way I was going to waste a free meal.
Arriving at 6am in Bangkok Northern Bus Station we got a taxi to the Southern Bus Station and booked a second class bus to Suritani for 9am. This was more of the standard we expected and we were the only westerners onboard. 9 hours later we were kicked off the bus just outside Suritani into the hands of a tuktuk driver who charged us a ridiculous price and dumped us at his friend’s guesthouse where they told us it was an hour to the pier and that we should stay the night and he’d drive us there tomorrow. We dodged that one and with the help of a friendly restaurant owner we got a 2km taxi ride to the pier. We had 3 hours until the night ferry left for Ko Phangan so grabbed some street food and a beer.
The night ferry was a simple affair, half gulag - half summer camp with two rows of mattresses holding 50 people. Everyone must have done a fair bit of traveling since 15minutes after we set sail the whole place was silent. My excellent sleep was probably more to do with fatigue than comfort so we woke at 5am in Ko Phangan feeling relatively refreshed.
We sat on the beach watching the last of the drunks bumble home while we waited for our resort to wake up. We’d managed to arrive a day early so had to check they had space for us before getting a taxi out there.

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