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September 12, 2009


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The day before my Thai visa ran out, me and Helen, the last survivors of the Intrepid group through Laos headed from Ko Samui to Phuket. The trip, booked through our hotel was cheap as chips and rightfully so. The first half dozen hours consisted of getting shuttled about in minibuses, coaches and a ferry before being shuttled between travel agents in Surat Thani. The next 6 hours was spent on a local bus two Phuket where we were the only non-Thais. The journey should have taken 4 hours but a combination of the bus dropping every passenger off at their home and using only side roads resulted in us not getting to Phuket until 8pm. We sat patiently waiting to get ripped off or dumped miles outside Phuket but to our surprise we were set down at the bus station a short walk from our hostel.

A bit of exploring showed us that Phuket town is exactly as the guide books described it; namely NOT a tourist town. After being on Islands for 10 days it was nice to be in a city and although there was nothing to see or do it was a decent place to stop for a couple of nights. We even managed to find a lovely gallery/arthouse bar to grab dinner and some much needed post-journey beers.

The main aim for me in Phuket was to get a visa extension and the next day (11th Sept) I went and got that sorted. It was a completely painless experience with english helpers at the info desks and no queuing. The price was exhorbitant and the extension was only for seven days but it suited my purpose and I had few other choices.

The next day, after further mindless exploring of Phuket town we went back to the hostel to drum up some drinking buddies. This worked perfectly and within an hour there were 7 of us sitting necking Chang beer in the hostel garden till late in the evening.

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