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October 18, 2009

Pulau Tioman

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After a few fitful naps and much staring out of windows we arrived at Mersing at 4am on the 16th of October, 6.5hours after we left Kuala Terengganu. We got dropped off at a random roundabout and stood trying to figure out how to find the jetty. At this point a couple of old guys standing outside a dilapidated cafe called us over and pointed us in the dirsction of the jetty, saying that the ferry to Pulua Tioman was at 6:30am and that we should have a coffee in the cafe while we waited. We headed off to the jetty with promises to return and one of the old guys led us ‘pied-piper stylee’ on his moped. It turned out that he is a ticket seller for the ferry and spends his nights waiting for people on buses from Kota Bharu, Singapore and the likes to get dumped at the roundabout so he can take them to the jetty and sell them tickets. After returning to the cafe for a drink and a chat with the ticket-man (in between him jumping on his moped and leading other strays to the jetty) we joined the other 60 or so people boarding the ferry to Tioman.
We got off the ferry two hours - and more fitful napping - later at Air Batam Bay aka ABC on the west of the island. We had place in mind to stay at but finding it closed we plumped for the place with the cheapest chalets on that side of the beach and went to sleep. After exploring the rest of the bay we found some places that were cheaper, busier, nicer and closer to the beach. So the next night, the 17th, we eloped to ‘My Friend’s Place’ where the chalets were not only bigger but had a toilet that flushed. That day was spent sunbathing, typing up my blog, and eating. In the evening we went to the local bar for drinks. Tioman is a duty-free island so beer is actually a reasonable price compared to the rest of Malaysia. The general happy hour offer is 3 beers for 10RM (£2) so drinking is back on the agenda. It being a Saturday night there was football on so I got to watch the Man Utd v Bolton game with a couple of Man Utd fans from Southend. The only other thing of note was what I assume is the whole Malaysia Navy congregating a mile or so off our beach. A dozen or so large ships were sailing about the area all day probably conducting some sort of exercise. Good photographic material if my camera had had a zoom that worked.
Today, the 18th of October, our penultimate full day on Tioman (time flies and all that) was devoted again to the beach and finishing off Gulliver’s Travels. The expensive and apparently very slow internet cafe is the next port of call which, if your reading this, has been successful.

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