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November 9, 2009

Kuala Lumpur mkII

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The trip from Melaka to KL was comfy and unremarkable. Within 3 hours I was dropped off at the bus station just round the corner from Chinatown. I went back to the Backpacker’s Traveller’s Inn from my last visit. They didn’t have any dorms so I plumped for their cheapest single room. It was 28RM but the dozy receptionist gave me 28RM change from my 50RM. Bonus.

I left immediately to get to the Chinese embassy before closing time and zipped up there on the tube. Unfortunately my research had failed slightly because the embassy is only open for visa applications between 9am and 11:30am. I picked up an application form anyway and then strolled back past the Petronas Twin Towers. Dinner was a return to the Chinese foodcourt round the corner and then I headed upstairs to the backpackers bar above our hostel. As always there were some friendly fellow travellers to chat to, most of who were also in-transit and awaiting visa’s like me.

I’d really been looking for a hostel dorm rather than a lonely single room (albeit with a bunk bed) so I moved to the Monkee Inn the next day. It was slightly more expensive but has free internet and a really homely lounge.

I got up early on Thursday and Friday to apply for and then collect my visa from the Chinese Embassy. It was a pain free process and at 230RM (£40) total for the express visa it wasn’t too expensive.

I’ve based myself here for the last few days generally doing very little. I’ve watched Rescue Dawn, The Bucket List, Terminator Salvation, Wolverine and Knowing among other films and messed about on the internet. Evenings have been spent at the Backpacker’s bar chatting to the various other pub-goers and the owner. I managed to watch what may be my first Hearts game of the season on Saturday via a streaming site on my laptop. The Edinburgh derby was a rather drab 0-0 draw but it was nice to see a game I  actually care about.

Last night (8th) I ended up drinking with a Canadian, a couple of Celtic fans and a deaf East Stirling fan who’d been travelling the world for 9 years. He was a decent guy and gave me ample opportunity to practice my charades skills. Other good people I met include a gang of four from Staines and a guy from Southampton who’s teaching in Thailand.

I head off to China tomorrow but I should be able to update the blog and check emails from there. Facebook and Skype may be a different proposition.

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