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December 18, 2009


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I arrived in Sydney on the 11th of December and immediately began chatting away to anybody I met including  customs officers, ticket sellers and passengers. Its good to be back in a friendly English speaking country! I got the (needlessly expensive) train to Circular Quay in the centre of the city and went round the corner to the Opera House. I’d already seen it from the plane on the way in to land which was one of the most visually captivating landings I’ve experienced. This time I was right up beside it and given that I was an hour early I had plenty of time to enjoy it. My hosts in Sydney (Chris and Amanda) were at work so Helen kindly came and met me. I was pretty bushed from my flights (less than two hours sleep) the night before as well as carrying a cumbersome bag so we went a few hundred metres into the Botanic Gardens and spent the day having a picnic and lazing in the sun.

In the evening I pitched up at Chris and Amanda’s where they laid on a barbeque before we headed out for drinks with some of their friends. After a couple of schooners I headed to bed AKA Chris and Amanda’s sofa.

I was mighty impressed that on my first day in Australia I had two girls running around the city trying to track down Irn Bru for me. Its a rare and expensive tipple here, only found in specialist shops. Its an Australian manufactured version but tastes surprisingly good. I don’t know how I managed 5 months without it!

We got up on the twelfth and had brunch at a local cafe before Chris and Amanda headed off up the coast. I strolled into town and met Helen. Finally having access to a kitchen we headed to Coles to buy some supplies and then made nachos and a whole roast chicken dinner. Our nachos starter was so large that we barely had space for any chicken but we forced some down as we watched Aliens on tv.

The next couple of days were settling in days with cooking, relaxing and a trip to The Rocks being my main activities. I’d noticed on Facebook that Dave Barnett - a friend from Fleet - was in town on holiday so we met up for beers on the 14th. I also met Dave the next day for a trip to a beach, namely Manly. Thats my first beach and first swim in the sea since Tioman in Malaysia back in October. After that we went to Darling Harbour for a few drinks with Amanda, Chris and a couple of Dave’s mates.

On the 16th I met Helen again to go to the famous Bondi Beach, Prior to that I unlocked my phone and bought an Australian sim card. if anyone wants my number drop me an email. Bondi was very nice although the sand seemed to get whipped up on what was a relatively breezy day. We grabbed dinner in a tasty Thai restaurant down some sidestreet before heading back into Sydney.

The 17th was a scorcher but I spent most of it shopping online. In the evening I went to Coogee with Amanda to meet up with some of the people I’ll be spending Christmas with. Amanda and Chris kindly got me included in their Christmas day dinner plans which involves 18 people, turkey, ham and the obligatory trip to the beach. After getting back from Coogee I went straight back out to meet Dave and his mates for a pissup in Kings Cross. Bouncers here seem as bad, if not worse, than back home with each of us getting refused re-entry for ‘appearing intoxicated’ at points through the night. Mine was just after I’d finished my first beer!

Today’s main successes were opening a bank account and watching Doubt (Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman), a film I’d had no interest in watching but which was surprisingly good, not least for the quality of the actors. After yesterday’s roasting weather it was raining all day. Not what I expected but better than the snowy weather back home.

Its been a refreshing change to be in no rush to sightsee or head of to another place this week. I should pull my finger out and do a bit more during the day though.

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  1. Oh Mark your blog brings back fond memories of my time in Sydney….coles for food and if i remember right try the markets in china town…paddys market…upstairs the seafood was great price..lived on the new zealand mussels. As you say there is no rush to sight see and this brings about a great feeling of lazyness and you now see why so many people find it hard to move on from sydney. I worked in the italian at the top of george street on the left hand side before you hit circular key. hit was sort of above the street also a posh bar/ restaurant just back down george street on the opposite side. However as Steve has just informed me this is many moons ago…9 i think….anyway keep enjoying and make sure you look up the mac annalys in the blue mountains. they will be very hospitiable….lots lovexx

    Comment by Joanna Ruston — December 18, 2009 @ 11:02 pm

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