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January 4, 2010

Byron Bay for Hogmanay

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After a few fitful naps on the bus I arrived at Byron Bay. The hotels were only a 5 minute walk away but for some inexplicable reason they all laid on minibuses. I checked into the Cape Byron YHA and bought some shopping from Woolworths. I made my cheese sandwiches chatting to a German girl called Catrin who’d also just arrived and we decided to head out to Byron Lighthouse. It was a pleasant but hilly walk to the lighthouse which, naturally, is on the cliff edge. This spot is also the most easterly point of Australia and I barely concealed my glee at getting to this location. 3 more cardinal points left. I wonder…
After watching surfers and dolphins out in the bay we walking back along the beach. I’d been in touch with Rich and Kev who I’d met in Sydney so we convened in the Beach Hotel for a couple of beers before I returned to the hostel to drink goon with some Melbourne guys.

On Hogmanay I played drinking games on the hostel terrace before heading down to the beach with Catrin,Tom & Dylan (two english brothers). The bells themselves were unspectacular because of a lack of fire works. Not that I missed them particularly as a spectacle but more as a signal that it is 00:00. At Byron Bay it was a wave of celebration rather than an explosion since everyone was basing it on their own watches. I took advantage of the wave and went swimming to celebrate. We got back about 3am and I fell asleep around 6am; On the balcony. I found my way to the floor and then inside and slept a sound sound 2010 sleep.

I Woke up in bed at 1pm, still drunk. I went to the Spar to get supplies and ended coming back with a pack of 20 ice lollies among other goodies. I only wanted one so I gave the rest out to people lounging by the pool and sitting on balconies at the hostel. They were much appreciated by all. karma +1
After some food and a power nap I was back in action and drank beer on the balcony with “Virginia” Mike, “Calgary” Dylan and a selection of other nationalities. Me and Dylan gave up drinking with the hostel strangely silent at 1:45am on the 2nd. 1 day down, 364 to go.
The 2nd day ended up being the real recovery day and the swimming pool was much appreciated. The next day was a planning day for my travels to the psychedelic world of Nimbin and saying goodbye to people I’d shared New Year with.

On the morning of the 4th, I checked out and hopped on the shuttle bus at 11am. An hour later the bus driver stopped just down from a colourful main street and announced “Welcome to Nimbin”.

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