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January 23, 2010

Sunshine Coast

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Noosa is meant to be the fashionable destination on the sunshine coast. We arrived there on the 19th of January and had a stroll along the expensive shopping street before hanging out on the beach. It would have been nice to have grabbed a nice meal in one of the restaurants but the prohibitive prices ruled that out.  Our accommodation for the stay in Noosa was the beach carpark at Noosa Heads where we were able to park up and wake up looking out at the sea.

It was only a short walk away from town so we took advantage of this by going out to the bookies-cum-bar for a few drinks with a couple of Québécois/Quebecers camping near us. On their recommendation we hit Coolum Beach, just down the coast, the next day.

15okm from Noosa was our next stop, Rainbow Beach. We spent the night of the 21st at Inskip Point National Park just north of the strip and then did the sights the next day. The ‘rainbow’ in Rainbow Beach comes from the multicoloured dunes that run for a few km down the beach. We headed there first to see the ‘rainbow’ of white, yellow orange and brown sand.

More impressive was Carlo Sand Blow, a towering dune that is creeping inland and is often used as a launch pad for hang-gliders though not on our visit. It was weird to be standing on a sandy summit above the town with slopes covered in vegetation.

With the morning still relatively young we drove to Tin Can Bay where dolphins can often be seen. From there we went to Maryborough, a charming town with a small-town english feel to it and the home of Mary Poppins author P.L.Travers. It was a nice change from the beach resorts and we used our short time there to visit the Bond Store Museum which described the founding of the city and its growth then decline as an important east coast port. It was well introduced by the blinky woman working there and gave an idea of the growth of such towns in Queensland. We hit Hervey Bay next which we’d originally planned to use as a stopping point for visiting Fraser Island. Unfortunately all the tours were booked up so we had a chippy on the beach for dinner and set up for the night just south of Bundaberg.

On the 23rd we headed into Bundaberg and after a quick visit to the botanic gardens we went to the famous Bundaberg Distillery. Bundaberg rum is an Australian institution and the distillery holds guided tours every hour. The tour itself was a bit disappointing but the tasting at the end made it all worthwhile. Helen kindly agreed to drive so I got two use both of our tokens to get four ‘free’ drinks. Tasty.

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