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January 26, 2010


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On Saturday 23rd January, we left Bundaberg and made the trip to the Town of 1770. I’d first heard about this place through finding those four digits written and circled on a page of my notebook on the morning after new year. By asking a few people what they meant and their experiences of the place I managed to build up a good idea of where it was and what to do in the neighbouring towns of 1770 and Agnes Water. With a lack of free camping sites in the area and a desire for showers and laundry facilities we checked into Captain Cook holiday village. 1770 was named to commemorate its place as the second landing site of the then Lieutenant James Cook.

We got up bright and early on Sunday for a surf lesson. At only $17 for 3 hours its the cheapest surfing lesson on the coast. It was a busy day so the amount of one-on-one time with the instructors was limited but it was still good and I managed to vary between impersonating a surfer and a spacker. I also managed to get smacked in the head and to cut my toe. We spent the rest of the day relaxing a recovering from the exertions in the pool.

The next day we went to the lookout point before joining 50 other tourist for our Scooteroo tour of 1770. The Scooteroos are scooters dressed up as choppers and we were lead by a wizened old biker along the roads of the area, spotting kangaroos and stopping by the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. It was all a bit stop-start but it was a good laugh cruising around the countryside in convoy.

We’d booked a spot for the night in Eurimbula National Park, not far from 1770 and by the time we found the turnoff it was getting dark. We’d been warned that the dirt track may give our Spaceship a bit of trouble and that proved to be the case as we trundled along the 15km of dirt, sand and tree roots in pitch black. It took almost an hour to traverse the ‘road’ with a few sections being ideal for 4×4’s and a kangaroo jumping across our path. At the speed we were going there was certainly no risk of hitting it.

We woke up on Australia day to bright sunshine and the realisation that we’d parked up within 20 metres of a beautiful deserted beach.  After dipping our toes in the water we clambered into the camper for the trip North. We reversed 5 metres and got stuck in a sand trap. We’d not seen another vehicle in our time there so we were fortunate that after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to extricate ourselves a 4×4 pulled up. The kind Aussies within helped push the campervan out of the sand and we were soon hurtling back along the track to civilization. After a detour to retreive my camera battery - which I’d somehow dropped at Captain Cook’s Campsite the previous day - we left 177o and headed towards Rockhampton.

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