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February 6, 2010


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On the 4th we checked into a hostel and reluctantly handed back our spaceship. It was a trusty steed and home all the way through Queensland but it was certainly nice to have aircon, headspace and a spacious hostel kitchen to use.

On the 5th we went to the Centre of Contemporary Arts which had a photographic exhibition of artists studios. That evening I went out on the piss with some of the people from the hostel. We visited upmarket-ish but empty Heritage and busy backpacker pub/club Gilligans. I managed to stay sober enough to avoid a hangover for the flight back to Sydney the next day.

Cairns didn’t really have a lot going for it and it was surprising to meet so many people who’d been there for months. It was admittedly low season but there doesn’t seem to be much to do there.

We arrived back in Sydney at 6pm and me and Helen went back to our respective lodgings. Chris and Amanda had graciously agreed to put up with me for a few more days. Money is running out so the next task is to get a job.

Boo hiss.

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  1. Hey Sparky my old son!

    I was just perusing one of my usual websites, saw this, *ahem*
    …and thought of you. Looks like you’ve had some great adventures, especially when I think of how uneventful life here in Blighty has been over the same period. I have inherited all of your old ‘IData’ work which has now become a full time job, and things are so tight we’ve hired a bunch of contractors who are probably on silly money, much to my disgust.

    Keep up the excellent blog. I have spent a couple of hours catching up on it this evening.

    Comment by Lee — February 25, 2010 @ 11:43 pm

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