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January 13, 2011

Two Nights in KL

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I caught the bus from Kuala Lumpur low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) to Pudu Raya and strolled down to the familiar Monkee Inn. They only had space in the 28 person dorm so I reluctantly took that and relaxed for the evening. As large dorms go this one is pretty good; People are mainly passing through and are generally too jetlagged to make much noise.

The next day I moved to my own room in Original Backpackers Travellers Lodge and grabbed lunch at the Central Market. Lev from work was also in KL on his honeymoon and we arranged to meet at the reggae bar. We ploughed through the beers and caught up on each other’s holidays so far. After a few hours we decided we should leave the pub and headed to their hotel to pick up his lovely wife Jannette. In comparison to my spartan cupboard-sized room their palatial penthouse suite was a sight to behold. We went for dinner on the revolving rooftop restaurant of KL Tower. The food was extravagant, the view impressive and the company great but the restaurant was starting to show it’s age. DSCF1216

We went back towards Chinatown and strolled through Petaling market before heading our separate ways. I decided to leave the final pieces of shopping till the morning and headed to my old friend, the rooftop bar at Backpackers Travellers Lodge. The place was packed and although Chris - the friendly barman - had left to travel himself, the atmosphere was as good as always. I got chatting to a gang of English, American, Japanese and Indonesian guys and the night flowed hastily away from me.

I woke up later that morning (13th of January), somewhat hungover, and managed to do the last of my shopping in the airport before my 13 hour Air Asia sleepless flight back to good old blighty. Normally I sleep pretty well on long journeys but my excitement about going back to the UK and the early afternoon takeoff time combined to keep me awake throughout.

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